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We are a Peak Pilates Comprehensively trained Pilates studio with over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. We are dedicated to helping our clients to achieve personal fitness goals.

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Tobe Panepinto started in the fitness industry in 1997 with Resist-a-ball teacher training, then a group fitness instructor and Personal trainer. In 2005 she was introduced to Pilates through Physical Minds teacher training, and later went on to training with Pam Garcia of Peak Pilates where she became a Comprehensively Certified instructor. Although committed to the true teachings of the Pilates method, she creatively combines it with her extensive background in fitness.

Cathy Dalton started her Pilates training in 2005 as an apprentice teacher in a classical Pilates studio. Her love of Pilates and how it made her body feel inspired Cathy to continue her  training with Pam Garcia of Peak Pilates, where she became a comprehensively certified instructor. She is committed to teaching the true classical Pilates System and showing her clients what is possible for them regardless of age or limitations.


Olivia Hansel studied the classical Pilates method in her teacher training with The Pilates Center, based out of Boulder, Colorado. Olivia is a true believer in the importance of pursuing an active lifestyle, and credits the foundations and core principles of classical Pilates in keeping her and her clients strong and mobile.

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Heidi Ingram is a comprehensively trained Peak Pilates Instructor, certified group fitness instructor, and certified Personal Trainer

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