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A Review by Paul Smith

A Review by Pam Ross

I was referred to Uptown Body after shoulder surgery in 2019. I had never tried Pilates and was somewhat skeptical. 3+ years later I still look forward to every session. Tobe and Cathy are true professionals who make you feel welcome and comfortable. They adapt their instructions to your ability, your goals and even the kind of day you're having. The studio and equipment is very clean and well organized. I personally wouldn't  go anywhere else.  

A Review by Dr. Robert Redden

As a client of Uptown Body for approximately ten years, I continue to appreciate the excellent Pilates instruction and hyper friendly ambience created by the owners, Cathy and Tobe. They have worked relentlessly to create and maintain a most professional venue dedicated to the establishment of healthy bodies. As a survivor of a stroke sixteen years ago, I think of myself as in recovery since then. I suffered total paralysis on my left side, and after years of PT and OT I regained limited use of my left arm and leg. Today I have left sided hemiparesis. Upon my discovery of Pilates, I said that this approach makes perfect sense to me, in that if my left side will remain weak, why not strengthen my core muscles from which my weakened left arm and leg hang. I now own ten years of Pilates induced strengthening, and that has resulted in my unassisted walking and sufficient independence to keep me from becoming a care taker burden to my wife and two children.  

All of my in-studio work has been with Cathy, who creates adaptations to classical Pilates that accommodate my ability. She is masterful at working with whatever skill set the client has to offer. However Tobe never fails to greet me with a warm smile, words of encouragement, and a genuine interest in my welfare. The two are a dynamic duo. I proudly tell my grandsons, "Go ahead, punch me in the gut." They cannot believe that my gut feels to them like a brick wall.

Without reservation, I recommend Uptown Body to any person with or without disability for Pilates training. The resultant strengthening which will be developed, shall provide new opportunities for individuals to cope with the demands of everyday life. 

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