Uptown Body Pilates

Uptown Body Cape Cod


We have a fully equipped Pilate's studio with the latest Pilate's apparatus. We are focused on providing comprehensive Pilate's fitness programs in both private and semi-private sessions.  


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Cathy Dalton, Pilate's Instructor


Fundamentals of Mat Pilates:

This class is a great place to learn the basic classical mat exercises and explore the concepts that make Pilates a unique and effective form of exercise that strengthens your body, improves your flexibility and engages your mind. Pilates is for everyone! Any age, fitness level, men and women - beginners and anyone wanting to reconnect with pilates should try this class. 

Intermediate/Advanced Mat Pilates: 

Working with more flow, this class is recommended for those with experience who want to further challenge themselves. We will explore the intermediate (and sometimes advanced) classical pilates repetoire to deepen our understanding of the "basic" concepts. Pilates is a workout! Modifications will be given but be prepared to move in this class. Leave feeling taller and more connected.

Tobe Panepinto, Fitness and Pilate's Instructor


Currently focused on private and semi private lessons on the Pilate's apparatus equipment.  Please contact the studio to arrange your private session today!